Saturday 23rd December 2006

We had to go and collect my master from the airport yesterday afternoon. I said I didn’t understand why he hadn’t come in the car with us but apparently he was still working. Now he has to wrap presents as well. He probably wishes he was still working. We are having Christmas dinner tonight even though it is two days early, we are leaving granny and granddads tomorrow so we won’t be here on the actual day. My cousins will be here again but unfortunately Dudley isn’t coming so I won’t be able to spend the evening running in circles round the coffee table trying to catch him. I have been told I am not allowed to knock my mistress’s elderly aunt over either, nothing like spoiling a puppy’s fun. My master upset me the other day by saying I don’t really count as a puppy anymore. I pointed out he wasn’t still young either but we all like something to hide behind. I am staying a puppy for as long as I can get away with. Human children don’t really stop being children until they are at least teenagers, so by my reckoning that gives me until about September time.

Following on from the appraisal a week or two ago, my mistress has now suggested introducing Team Briefs to raise morale and make me feel more included. Apparently, once a month she will sit me down and tell me what is going on and I get a chance to ask questions. She clearly doesn’t realise I go through everything on her desk when I sit down to use the computer and already know more of her personal things than she would appreciate. It is a good job that I am not by nature the blackmailing type really!