Wednesday 6th December 2006

All this travelling is getting very confusing. I am still at my grandparents but going back to the north tomorrow. Why can’t my mistress just stay still for five minutes? I said that to my granddad and he said they have been asking the same question for the last forty years.

My mistress is taking me to her favourite place in England today. I got excited and wondered if it was the Isle of Dogs or Hound Tor as I really want to see them, or even Alfreton would do at a push, but it turns out that it is a place called Bradgate Park. I shall have to wait and see what I think of it.

I have been learning to play on Playstation. It seems to be quite addictive. I can’t believe how many times I have turned round and retried getting Spyro to fly up onto the rock. Spyro is a cute little dragon and you would be amazed by how quickly you adopt him and are determined to guide him through his adventure. My mistress is depressed that she isn’t any good at it and that Andrew aged 4 can do more than she can. If I practice enough I might be able to do better than she is as well, that would be really depressing for her. So far I am finding my lack of dexterity a little limiting. If I sit on the control I can get one or two of the functions to work, and I can move the control to move me around with my paw. The main problem is differentiating between flying, breathing fire, somersaulting and jumping. I have difficulty pressing only one of the four keys at once. It is so mesmerising though that somehow you keep on trying.