Monday 4th December 2006

What a way to start the day. First take the bits back to the shop that don’t fit the washing machine and get a refund because they don’t have an alternative. Then go to the tip. Then go to another DIY shop. This time after half an hour looking on her own and no confidence that they had the right bits either my mistress had the sense to ask an assistant if they had something suitable. It turns out that if she had been looking in the right part of the store, she would have found they had exactly the right thing. When she got it home it only took ten minutes to fit. The trips to the DIY stores had by comparison taken several hours! Even after three trips to the DIY stores she still hasn’t found the right bulb for one lamp and bought one for another lamp that turned out not to work.

To be quite honest I think this moving home thing is vastly overrated. She put a key rack up and the screw was so long it came out of the other side of the cupboard. I don’t think I am supposed to have mentioned that as she hasn’t actually told my master about it. I did think she was a bit more imaginative when she put the towel rail up and couldn’t find a spirit level so used a golf ball instead.

I have been getting tired just watching her. I did get excited when she put the Christmas tree up but that was short lived because she said I am not allowed to pee on it before I even had time to ask the question. It has got some pretty flashing lights on, so it’s not all bad news. What has been bad news however is that now I have settled in I am back to sleeping downstairs in my own bed. I really should have pretended to be upset, I had quite got to like sleeping on the foot of her bed.