Friday 24th November 2006

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t start with a complaint. England smells much the same as Belgium. I don’t know what exactly I had imagined, or why I expected it to smell any different but I have to say I am disappointed. To be fair you don’t pick up the smell of chocolate or beer quite as often and in fact both the beer and the chocolate do smell different but otherwise there are much the same trees and flowers and dogs roll in much the same things as they do back home.

We got asked some questions when we checked in at Eurotunnel and we had to show the nice man my passport, but although we were a bit anxious, everything seemed to go ok and here I am. The train itself was a bit odd. For one thing, it swallowed the car. It was a bit like a whale, but as far as I know it stayed on the train track rather than swimming through the Channel. We had to keep our windows open on the crossing, something to do with the change in air pressure but my mistress didn’t explain it very well. It did all make my ears go a bit funny and I had to give them a good scratch. I was quite pleased when we came out the other side but it was ok and I shan’t mind doing it again. My mistress said that was a good job, or I wouldn’t be able to get home!

There is lots more traffic on the roads in England than there is in Belgium. What really freaked me out though was that they drive on the other side of the road and I kept feeling I was a bit close to the oncoming traffic. What was fun was confusing the cars that went past by pretending that I was driving. So now I am at my grandparents (the human ones), but I will have to tell you more about that tomorrow as my mistress says it is time to get in the car and continue our journey.