Thursday 23rd November 2006

Well this is it. I am all packed and ready to go. We have the strangest assortment of things packed in the back of the car. There are the blinds my mistress bought in Ikea, some boxes with her work in them and all sorts of ‘odds and ends’ of rubbish that she can’t work out which bin they are supposed to go in so is taking to throw away in England! It’s an awfully long way to go just to go to the tip! I have packed my old bed, I wasn’t allowed to bring by new one because it takes up too much room. I have also packed the new Miffy I had for my birthday and my faithful rubber pig. I think my mistress has packed my food, my bowls some treats and some bags to clean up after me! I think I am excited but I can still remember the long drive to Switzerland and I remember thinking I didn’t want to see another car for a very long time. I am being allowed to sit in the front with my mistress to keep her company.

The vet wasn’t too bad yesterday. He gave me some of the nasty worming stuff but apart from that, he just signed my passport and told me to have a good trip. So now, it just remains to set off. I know my mistress is a bit concerned in case there is any problem with my passport. She doesn’t want to have to drive all the way back here and leave me behind. I asked if that was likely, thinking she was joking. She said, as she had never done it before she really didn’t know what to expect. And so, as with all good films, the intrepid heroes drive off into the sunset…,