Friday 17th November 2006

Well whatever happened to normal? I may be back home but my food has been reduced again! Someone round here seems to think I am putting a little too much weight on. I think they are mistaken; I am just a little cuddly. Then we went for a walk and there was a sign on a tree in Flemish that my mistress walked straight by. I told her I thought she should have tried to read it and she ignored me. I just had an uncomfortable feeling about it so I said please could we go home and I would have a walk later. On the way back she had a look at the notice and found it said ‘Keep out – shooting’. I was very relieved that I had made her go back and she even seemed to think I’d done the right thing. Now I am worrying about what exactly they are shooting and come to that, who ‘they’ are. I like the deer and the rabbits and the buzzards and the pheasants aren’t all bad. If they have resorted to shooting moles then I am willing to join them but otherwise I am not very happy, I am however, way too much of a coward to go and make any sort of protest.

What I have forgotten to say is Happy Birthday Granddad. Not my real granddad, my human granddad on my mistress’s side. He is 81 today which would make him 9 in dog years, or is it the other way round and he is 567 in dog years? I am looking forward to seeing him next week and giving him a big hug.

I have never seen my mistress get as cross as she did yesterday and it wasn’t at me! She is trying to change the address on something that is in my master’s name. Firstly she rang the number on the internet, a premium rate number at that. She was then told to ring a different number, which being a National Rate number is still expensive to ring from Belgium. The person who answered that asked her all the security questions and only then told her he couldn’t help and she would have to ring another number. So she rang the third number and was on hold for twenty minutes waiting for her call to be answered with an overly bright voice saying at intervals ‘Good news. You have moved forward in the queue’. Then when they did answer they told her they couldn’t do it and that my master would have to ring. Well you can imagine her reaction. At that point she said, no shouted, that they were lucky to have any customers and that it was unacceptable. Just another day really!