Thursday 16th November 2006

It might have been delayed but I had a lovely birthday. I had an amazing brand new bed. The cushion is the same as the one I have in the office but it has a big base than keeps it off the floor and makes it all cosy. It is bigger than my old one and there is room for me to get one or two of my toys in with me. Best of all I got a new Miffy comfort blanket that I can take to bed with me and, as things stand, it still has both its ears. I also had a new special ‘doggy frisby’ that throws in the same way as my old one but doesn’t have any sharp edges and is soft both for my mouth and the hand of the person throwing it. I also had the most enormous raw hide chew that will take me weeks to get through. I didn’t know where to start so I bounced around everything for a while and then flopped down in my new bed exhausted. I wonder if I will be able to take my new bed to England next week or whether I will have to make do with something a bit smaller. I suppose I had better start to think about that trip now all the birthday excitement is over.

A funny thing happened last night. We were all in the office at home and my mistress was leaning over my master’s shoulder helping him with something on his computer. I spotted the opportunity to make them both jump. I quietly crawled under my master’s chair and pushed the lever that makes it go up and down so that all of a sudden the chair shot down really low with him sitting on it. It had the desired effect but what I had not foreseen was that it would result in my being stuck underneath because it had come down on top of me, so we all ended up in a bit of a startled mess. It was worth it though!