Saturday 18th November 2006

What is it with humans and Ikea? I haven’t actually ever been so it may well be that I would like it too and I certainly enjoy chewing one or two of the plants that came from there and come to that their chairs, settees and sofa beds do seem awfully comfy when compared to a dog bed, but why do humans seem to go so often? My mistress tried to explain that she needed some things for the house move next week but what I didn’t understand is why buy them this week? I didn’t want to go just to sit in the car but the alternative was to stay at home on my own. In the end I decided I would rather sit on an Ikea settee than sit outside a store in the car park, so I decided to stay here.

When we went for our walk today I got a nasty suspicion that we may be responsible for clearing the public path outside our house that is covered in leaves. No one has actually told us we need to do this but it struck me as odd that right up to the edge of the line that would be next door was clear, and all the bit outside ours is not! My mistress said she didn’t feel too bad about it as the trees that have dropped the leaves aren’t in our garden they are a house the other side of the path whose trees hang over our garden as well and drop lots of leaves everywhere. I rifled through them a bit with my nose but it seemed a lot of effort for little return. Once my mistress showed me what to do, it was really quite satisfying to kick the leaves up in the air with every step.