Wednesday 1st November 2006

So there you have it – ‘Trick or Treat’ becomes much more alarming when you are faced with a demented dog with a glow stick attached to his collar. I am proud to say I cast quite a daunting shadow and would have made quite a frightening picture if only I could have stopped my tail from wagging on a continuous basis. I was reluctant to hand over all the chocolates but having failed on the ‘totally scary dog’ front I didn’t fancy the ‘trick’ element. I was sorry to have missed out last weekend on the scary train ride that my master and mistress went on. It was only a large model train but it ran round through the trees, with odd strategically placed coffins and cobwebs. A howling dog could have really added an edge of authenticity. Now all I need to do is find a howling dog as it isn’t my main attribute.

I need to do some research on the Internet or go and buy a book, as there are mushrooms and toadstools absolutely everywhere. They are even growing in our lawn now that the moles have stopped digging it up. I can’t believe there are so many shapes and colours, some of them must be safe to eat, I just don’t know which. To be quite honest the shapes of some of them look rather on the rude side but I am too embarrassed to ask my mistress whether she has thought that too. I wonder if any of them are magic. I might find they have special ‘medicinal’ properties that transport me through the day in a cloud of daydreams. I may of course have spent too much time daydreaming and be in need of a serious touch of reality!