Wednesday 11th October 2006

I have heard some potentially good news. Apparently moles are supposed to hibernate for the winter. No one could tell me whether they just fall asleep at the bottom of their holes or whether they go somewhere else to sleep. I am presuming that having taken over the garden they will not come and knock at the door to see if they can come and use some of the beds for a few months. I wonder when they will go to sleep for and for how long? Perhaps in the spring they will decide they don’t like our garden anymore and move somewhere else. Maybe it will mean at last that I can go and play outside in my own garden again.

I was talking to my mistress whilst we were out walking this morning and explained my idea of the PDDP. She asked if I had thought about working dogs. After some consideration I reluctantly agreed that she may have a point. I am now in a complete dilemma as to whether it should be called the Pet Dogs Democratic Party or the Pet and Working Dogs Democratic Party which would make it the PAW DDP, which although appropriate is a bit of a mouthful. After much consideration I have decided to keep the name PDDP but allow both pet and working dog members. It actually made me think that every dog, working or otherwise, should have the right to be a pet. So dogs that work in teams for hunting or medical testing should still be able to go home to a cosy fireside for the evening and get all the fuss and attention that comes with being a pet. Of course the antisocial ones can stay in kennels if they prefer but it should at least be a right.