Monday 9th October 2006

Well she actually went and did it. Voted that is. Admittedly on leaving the house my mistress seemed pretty nervous but that was mainly at the prospect of it all being in Flemish and her only speaking a tiny bit. She had undertaken painstaking research and reached a conclusion on who to vote for based on a little more than guess work but the actual process remained a mystery. It was still a bit of a mystery by the time she came back due to the confusion over the fact that she could only vote at a local level and not in the provincial elections but despite the language problems she thinks she has done it right. Somehow voting on a computer screen seemed quite different to marking an ‘X’ on a piece of paper. I suggested the word she was looking for was ‘up to date’ to which she pointed out that was in fact three words. I wonder if I ever make any progress if she would vote for me.

I got to run round off the lead again at last yesterday, my master and mistress seem to think I have now healed enough from my operation. About time too, that is what I say. You just can’t know how frustrating it is for a dog to be stuck on the end of a lead and not following every smell he chooses to.

It took all of yesterday to think of a name for my party. It is going to be the Pet Dogs Democratic Party or PDDP for short and is not to be confused with the ‘Polish Debian Documentation Project’ or the ‘Participatory District Development Programme’ whatever they may be. Trust me they are really things the letters PDDP stand for I looked on ‘Yahoo’. I suppose it might be better to change the name rather than having people get confused but it took all of yesterday to come up with that. So far the only definite policy is campaigning for inside toilets for dogs to be available in bad weather. I quite enjoy going outside when it’s dry so that would be quite sufficient!