Wednesday 23rd August 2006

Whatever you say I refuse to accept it was my fault. So, I was off the lead but was it my fault that the Jack Russell growled. What does a dog do in that circumstance? Well his owners to protect their ‘little precious’ scooped him up so I jumped up them to get him. Well his owners had such a go at my poor mistress and even when she went and apologised to them again later they said they didn’t accept her apology. I felt so sorry for her, I almost wished I hadn’t tried to get him. I will sort it out if I see him again, I’m not having anyone speaking to my mistress like that.

Now I know I’m a dog and smelling is part of the package but I am getting a bit concerned about the humans around me. It would seem that hot water is only available in limited quantities on a daily basis and those quantities may not be enough for every member of the party to be as clean as normal. Isn’t it funny how given the least excuse a boy will decide he doesn’t need a shower. What is wrong with cold water is what I say, even cold muddy water? However it seems there is an expectation amongst humans that water for showering should be clean and hot. My mistress says the whole thing is a bit like indoor camping and as I know what she thinks of camping I’m guessing she may not overly impressed by the experience. I don’t think she is enjoying trying to cook meals for seven people with 4 electric rings and a rather beaten up microwave oven. I wanted to bake some cookies but there’s no oven so I will just have to eat the shop bought ones instead. At least feeding me is easy, although even there she forgot the scoop to give me the right amount of food. She is feeding me by guesswork and I am sure I am being short changed. Well I’m off for another walk, if nothing else the pine trees are great to sniff at.