Saturday 12th August 2006

You wouldn’t think that in amongst everything else right now that my master and mistress had time for house hunting, but it seems not content to be rushed off their feet they want to move their English home as well. What is wrong with wanting to put your feet up? That’s what I want to know. Privately my master said he thought something pretty much along the same lines but my mistress seems to have enough energy to wear all of us out. I was smugly thinking that at least with my not being able to go to England yet she couldn’t possibly be thinking of me having to help, until she said she was hoping to complete at the time I could travel so that I could be part of it. Oh joy, oh rapture. There goes my thoughts of leaving them to it. She did make it sound a bit better when she said she just couldn’t bear being away from me for very long. I am a real sucker for a bit of flattery.

I am very concerned that the moles may have come an awfully long way to get to our garden. I always thought they were supposed to be nocturnal animals but it seems ours make holes during the day. I have therefore concluded that we have Antipodean moles. It is either that or they are young moles having difficulty in understanding how to set a 24 hour clock. There was a classic moment where my mistress went round and trod all the earth down then sat on the patio with her back towards the holes. When she turned round a short while later the earth was all piled up and they had been digging again just as soon as she wasn’t looking. If they keep going like this then the whole garden will have been undermined.

When my mistress put my tick treatment on this month she noticed that my hair is getting much longer. I told her I am trying to grow it so that I look like a Bernese but she wasn’t convinced. The alternative is to try and grow enough so I can tie it up in the way that Chloe does but to be honest I think I would get annoyed with it like that. My mistress seems to cope with hers long but it is really annoying to find her hair everywhere, at least she can’t complain too much when I am ‘shedding’.

I fear I may be growing again. I seem to be having a very sleepy few days. It may of course simply be my master’s influence rubbing off on me and I’m sure he’s not growing. He thinks his is brought on by doing DIY!