Saturday 29th July 2006

Well it turns out my mistress likes thunder storms even less than I do, which is saying something. She doesn’t think she is afraid of many things. At least she didn’t until my master sat and listed the ones he was aware of. After that she had to concede that in all probability she was a bit of a coward, me and master love her just the same. As part of this revelation I received some quite shocking news. Apparently our trip to Switzerland a while ago wasn’t just a holiday. It turns out that my master thought he had got to move there. Well thanks for keeping your only puppy informed. Now I don’t know what to think, we aren’t moving and I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. On the one hand it is great that I don’t have to leave Belgium and the lovely place I live. It is also great that I will still be near my mum and my sister and I think I am also pleased that I can keep seeing the same vet as I rather like him. On the downside I wouldn’t have minded trying out a few mountains and maybe going to see my dad and the village that my ancestors come from. I didn’t fancy learning another new language and there was also the risk my mistress might have expected me to work in my historical ‘herding’ capacity and who wants to spend all day with only cows to talk to? My biggest concern is that they didn’t tell me at the time, there are so many questions I would have asked. Maybe I had better just make the most of where I do live in case it isn’t forever. The bit that came up that led to this revelation is my mistress not liking driving on mountain roads with sheer drops at the sides, I do sort of take her point but if sheep and goats can manage on the hillsides I am not really sure why it should be so much harder for humans. Although I suppose a car is not quite so nimble on its feet so maybe she is happier on a bicycle?

I have at least got a top up for my phone today and been able to send a text to Chloe. She sent me one a couple of days ago but I couldn’t reply. It made me glad I had remembered to explain to her that I had run out of credit otherwise she would think I wasn’t interested. One of my master and mistress’s wedding presents was a portrait of me, specially drawn for them. It was my mistress’s parents idea as a way I could be there even though I wasn’t. It was a lovely idea particularly as they haven’t even met me yet. Somehow I think I am going to like them. I was wondering whether if I sent them an email with a picture of Chloe they could get one of her done for me too.