Sunday 16th July 2006

Well it was the wedding yesterday. I have no idea how it went as they have been too busy to ring me. They were calling all the tables at the reception after race circuits with my master and mistress sitting at ‘Monaco’ because it was driving round and round the circuit there, admittedly in a 1.6 litre 206cc and not a formula 1 car, that my master and mistress first realised they were falling in love. I suppose it was a good job it wasn’t a formula 1 car as they only have one seat. Anyway, I did send them a telegram, I hope they got it. This is what I sent them.

“Hello master and mistress, it’s Alfie here your beloved but rather left out dog. As I realised you wouldn’t have chance to ring me today I thought I would send you my best wishes by telegram. It’s funny to think it is now seven months since you both came to meet me and my brother and sisters for the first time. It was obvious then that the way to my mistress’s heart was through my master. I knew that if I made a fuss of him and he wanted to take me home then she would want that just to make him happy. It’s all worked out rather well really I know my mistress thinks the world of him and he makes her really happy. He looks after her and she looks after me, not a bad set up for a puppy. Anyway getting back to the point, my little suitcase is packed ready for you to pick me up for the honeymoon and please don’t forget to bring me back a doggy bag from the reception. Oh and Master just because my mistress looks up to you and thinks you are the most wonderful bloke in the world doesn’t mean you come any higher in the pecking order as far as I am concerned. I still expect to get the best seat in front of the fire and don’t go getting any ideas about my fetching your slippers, it just isn’t going to happen. All my love, your devoted puppy Alfie”

I hoped they liked it. I think I have packed everything, I have my sun cream and a little hat and some glasses a bucket and spade and a beach towel. I’ve also packed the books I want to catch up with reading. I presume they are taking me but they haven’t said. You don’t think they would leave me behind do you? It wouldn’t be the same without me.