Friday 7th July 2006

Well diary so far I am having a great time. It is always fun to play with the other dogs and I do get spoilt rotten. Perhaps being away for a while isn’t going to be so bad. We went to a horse show which was a real pleasure. Not only were there people, horses and dogs to play with there was quite a lot of horse dung to nibble, I do find it can be a real delicacy. I don’t have to wear the car seat belt which is great. Ok I know it is safer wearing it, but it is so much more fun being in the boot of the car with the other dogs. When I say boot, I don’t mean like a saloon car where it makes it all dark inside and you can’t move but one of those where there is a window and it is still a bit of the car.

I am finding it difficult to get some space and time to write my diary. Most of the other dogs haven’t got computers of their own. In fact most of them have never used a computer at all. In consequence of that, every time I get it out to try and write anything they all gather round saying “Can we have a look?” “Can we have a go?” “How do you make it do …,?” It really can get very annoying. Then I sat down to a quiet game of solitaire and a little Westie came and bounced up and down trying to tell me what card to put where, don’t you just hate it when that happens. It is bad enough when they don’t know what they are talking about but when they are right it is so annoying. I’m going to have to find somewhere to try using it where none of them can find me, but that isn’t all that easy while I’m staying here.

When my phone rang earlier I didn’t realise it was mine to begin with as it played some awful tune that I hadn’t heard before. It was a jack russell that barked at me that he thought my phone was ringing and I suddenly felt very embarrassed. It was just my mistress telling me that she had got there safely and checking I was ok. It was great to hear from her but I do wish she would ring me at more convenient times when I’m not in the middle of a game of chase with Labrador. I asked if I could ring her back later but she said she was going out so I broke off from my game for a minute. The other dogs laughed at me a bit but I know my mistress misses me and likes to hear my voice.