Thursday 6th July 2006

Well I’m ready. I keep trying to think if there is anything I have forgotten. I have got my bed and the old sweater of my mistress’s that I like to snuggle up to at night. I have got my food and of course my collar and lead. Last but by no means least I have got pink rhino, a photo of my master and mistress in a little frame, my computer and my mobile phone. I think that is everything. I feel nervous but quite excited too. I have been away for odd nights before but never like this.

I went to get a mobile phone so I can ring my mistress and master anytime I want. I wanted one on a contract but my mistress refused to have it set up from her bank account. She seemed to think I might run up a big bill but I have no idea where she got that idea from. It was amazing in the shop trying to decide what phone I wanted. They were telling me that the really small ones were very popular and I said “What with these paws?” I wouldn’t be able to press only one button at once. There were ones that played music and ones with cameras. I said I just wanted one that made phone calls but it seems there aren’t really any that only do that, funny really for a phone! In the end I chose one with a rubber cover that bounces every time I drop it. It’s waterproof too, so when I hold it in my mouth the slobber doesn’t stop it from working. I also like the fact that it has a little flashlight so I will be able to see where to pee at night. By the time I got home I was already looking through the leaflet at all the ones I didn’t have and asking my master if I could have a different one for my birthday. He said that it is still months to my birthday and I may have changed my mind by then. When I got home I went and hid under a bush to read the manual and learn how all the features work. It has even got some games on it but they don’t really compare with shaking Miffy. I rang my mistress from under the bush to see if she could bring me a dog biscuit but she didn’t seem impressed, she also said if I carried on like that all my money would be gone and I wasn’t having any more until next month. There are times that she can be a real spoil sport when she wants to be, so I rang my master but he said he was working and I would have to wait until he came home.