Wednesday 5th July 2006

Yesterday was something called Independence Day or so it said on the calendar. What I don’t understand is why only Americans can be Independent. What about the rest of us? I would quite like to have a day to be independent on too. A day would be enough, I rather enjoy being looked after the rest of the year but I don’t see the harm in my having just the one day to be able to prove a point. What I’m not absolutely certain of is what I am trying to prove I am independent of and all things considered is independence really such a good thing anyway. Maybe it’s just an excuse for a party.

I went to youth club, not really because my heart is in it anymore but because I do still like to see my friends. I told Harry and Nicole that I was going away for a few days and they said I must send them a postcard. I wish they could come with me. Other than that the usual crowd were there and we had a few games of pool. I’m getting to quite enjoy playing now, although I am still not all that good.

Well rubber rabbit is now in more pieces than even I can count. It still gives quite a satisfying ‘thwack’ when I fling it about but it is definitely past its best before date. What Matilda the cat will think I don’t know because her owners have bought me a rubber pig to play with to console me for the loss of rubber rabbit. It isn’t as long and floppy as rabbit but it fits comfortably in my mouth, with the added advantage of having convenient trotters that I can get my mistress to hold as we walk along. I have to say I’m quite taken with it and placed it carefully nose to nose with pink rhino so that they could get to know each other better. Apparently there are some little piglets in the pet shop. I was quite keen on the idea of getting one until I heard someone say they are brighter than dogs and easier to train. I really don’t think it would be a good idea for me to bring into the household another pet that could do my job only better. If I did that my mistress and master might not want me anymore. Is it possible to make a dog redundant. “I’m sorry Alfie the position of pet is no longer available. You will have to leave.” At least if it were the other way round and they were getting rid of the pig they could eat it.