Monday 19th June 2006

Well I am thoroughly fed up and it isn’t made any better knowing that the circumstances that have led to this situation are all my own fault. How was I to know that when we all went in my mistress’s car it was a test to see if it was possible to take me with them if they went out for the day in it? At the time it seemed obvious to me that I wanted to sit on my mistress’s knee so that I could have a cuddle and look out of the window. So what happens? Yesterday they went out without me. I argued with my master that I am the one who usually goes in the passenger seat of that car and that he should be the one that went to the dog sitter for the day but he took no notice of me at all. I actually had this little illusion that in some way it was my car and I loved it. How can he do that to me? Oh they had a great time and in fairness I had fun playing with my doggy friends but that isn’t the point. Who wants to be reasonable when they have been wilfully missed out of having fun? All that after I got my master a Father’s Day card as well. I’m building up credit in case there is a ‘Dog’s day’ at some point in the year. He loved the way I had signed the Father’s day card with a paw print, I got the idea from seeing what a lovely shape it makes if I run across the wet grass, then across the garden soil and then before it dries quickly run into the lounge and across the rug. It makes a lovely pattern.

What is all the football about? Now I’m used to both my mistress and master watching all sorts of sport on television but I still can’t get my head round the attraction of watching something that you can’t join in. Why would you want to be sitting on the settee when you could be outside chasing a ball yourself? Usually in fairness they only watch a little bit, but there seem to be have been three games on every day and the players all have funny names. I find pronouncing some of the names as difficult as when Arsenal are playing. Having said that I am sure some of the players are in the Arsenal team, do you think they are moonlighting? You would think that footballers earned enough not to have to do that. I also find it hard to understand why 22 men would run around for 90 minutes, watched by thousands of people and be happy to end up with a score of 0-0. Surely there is little point in bothering, they could have called it quits at the start and saved some energy for something useful.