Tuesday 13th June 2006

I went round to see Harry with the little package yesterday. He is already a little overwhelmed by how things are going, and when he saw that I had got it he was just speechless. He asked if I would go with him to see mole which of course I thought was a great idea. Before we went, he carefully unfolded the handkerchief that wrapped the package and then unfolded the piece of paper that was inside. There was another piece of paper, with a small lump in it, on which was written, in an uneven handwriting using crayon, the word ‘mole’, but the outer piece read as follows. “Dear Mr Hedghog, I am realy pleesed that you are doing so many nice things. I wood like to come and sea you sumtime. Lily” Although the spelling was very good, we understood what she was saying  and as she was really very young were amazed that she could spell as well as this. Harry said he was going to have it framed and put up on the wall of his new home when he moves in. It was only then I realised it would mean his moving from here and I asked if he knew which land they were going to build the orphanage on. I had realised that the area we use for youth club wasn’t suitable but had not really thought much about where it would be. Harry shifted, awkwardly, from one foot to another. “Ah” he said, “I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that. Perhaps we can call on Nicole on the way back from seeing Mole and we can all talk about it together.” So we left it at that and headed off in search of Mole.

It took us a while to get to Mole’s house but when we did she wasn’t there, so we felt a bit deflated and decided to try again tomorrow. So we went round to Nicole’s so that Harry could tell us more about the orphanage plans. It turns out that I was right that it wasn’t going to be possible to build where we currently have the youth club. In fact for the size of building they have in mind, there isn’t any land at all on this side of the wood. They have suggested three sites for Harry to go and have a look at and he has asked if Nicole and I will go with him. Two of them are on the far side of this wood and the third one is actually not in this wood at all but on this side of the wood across the main road. That one is a much bigger site and if he chose that one the whole project would include the next woodland as well as our own. Although we could see the sense in making it bigger, Nicole and I both went a bit quiet as it would mean it was harder for us to be involved. Anyway we said we would go with him to take a look but that will have to be later in the week.