Thursday 8th June 2006

The most exciting piece of news is that I actually managed to catch the frisbee yesterday. My mistress threw it quite well and it sort of hung on the air, which gave me time to run round to the other side and get my mouth into just the right position. I couldn’t believe it to begin with and ran round in circles with excitement. It just goes to show you that with enough practice you can do almost anything. I think it will be a while before I catch it every time, although that partly depends on whether my mistress is more consistent in her throwing. She says it is my fault that it sometimes goes sideways, something to do with the way I have chewed it. But I said to her “a bad workman always blames his tools”. I’m not actually sure what it means but I have heard my master saying it and I thought it sounded good.

I discovered that with a little bit of help, and some rather odd manoeuvring, I can actually get into the hammock with my mistress. She has to counterbalance my weight as I get in, and all my subsequent shifting about once I am there, but it turns out it is rather fun. I’m ok as long as my mistress keeps hold of me so that I don’t accidentally roll out, or for that matter roll her out. We had one nasty moment when I forgot where I was, and seeing someone across the garden, going past our gate, I leapt out to go and bark at them. Well my poor mistress had to react very quickly to grab hold of the frame to stop her being rotated out of the hammock onto the floor. Realising what I had done, I went back and apologised and said I would try to remember not to do that again but please would she let me join her up there again sometime. She has said she will see, so as it wasn’t a ‘no’ I am taking that as a good sign.

Well having got hold of the map, and after a while working out which way round to hold it, (it’s so much easier when you have it upside down) I managed to work out where the little girl who has mole’s ring lives. It turns out it is not that far from the park we sometimes go to so I may be able to go after all. I would have rather had Nicole or Harry go with me, well Nicole really, I think her cute looks would help. However, needs must, so I will just have to try myself. The great things with children is that they think it much less odd when an animal talks to them, somehow in the process of growing up humans become very strange about this sort of thing, well most of them anyway. I think my best chance will be this weekend when my master is away and my mistress has a friend staying. I’m sure her friend would love to take the lovely puppy to the park. (That’s me if you hadn’t worked it out!)