Wednesday 7th June 2006

Harry was eager to know when I could go and see the little girl about mole’s ring but I just can’t see what I can do. I established a long time ago that I am a lousy map reader and I don’t think my mistress will be inclined to take me. I promised to figure something out and tell him later today. Other than that last night’s youth club passed off without incident and everyone had fun. The two deer were getting on fine and as promised the one that had borrowed, and lost, the mp3 player stayed behind to clear up to earn some money. I really can’t see what it is the Woodland Council want to see Harry about, there doesn’t seem to be anything we are doing wrong. Part way through the afternoon a helicopter went over and I remembered the day I first head about Harry, when he had escaped from the Woodland Prison and they were looking for him. I had never asked him before so it seemed a good opportunity. “Harry” I said, clearing my throat nervously “How did you escape from the Woodland Prison that time?” Some of the other animals overheard and started joining in until they all started chanting “Tell us the story Harry” and he smiled and got us all to gather round. It turned out that the day it happened was quite a busy day at the prison. One of the stoats had been brought in having been arrested for vandalism and a rabbit had been transferred in from a neighbouring prison. There was so much excitement that when they let him out of his cell for exercise, no one had noticed that a mop and bucket had been left out from cleaning, except Harry. So he figured he would try and hide under the mop inside the bucket and se where they took it to. He had a bit of difficulty climbing up, and it smelt of disinfectant, but it was a small price to pay for a bit of excitement. He never dreamed it would give him a way out of the prison, he thought he would just get to see a different bit of it and have a bit of fun. Anyway, it turned out that when they saw the bucket the warders did put it away, but the cleaning cupboard was in a little shed just at the back of the prison and outside of the security fence. No one had ever thought it was a risk and so Harry got to hide in the cupboard. After they had gone he managed to squeeze under the bottom of the shed, by scratching away at the earth and set off as quickly a he could. As it turned out the search began quite quickly, as it was as soon as they were returning the animals to their cells after exercising that they realised he had gone and he would probably have been better hiding out in the cupboard for a couple of days. It was a bit of fun and excitement, and was a story to tell. He loved every minute of us asking questions about it, then some of the younger ones wanted to play games of hide and seek, trying to escape from their hiding places before they got caught. I hope they don’t go home and tell their parents, they might think Harry is being a bad influence.