Thursday 25th May 2006

If it carries on raining like this I am seriously thinking of building an ark! It is no wonder that rabbit’s burrow flooded, I should imagine there are a number of families having much the same problem. It makes me appreciate the fact that I only go outside when it suits me and to be honest, if it is raining, it rarely suits me! It is amazing just how long I can hang on before I absolutely have to ask to be let out to go to the toilet. OK so by the time I do ask, I am hopping up and down from leg to leg and desperate to get out of the door, but when it is raining so much you really have to make these sacrifices.

I am proud to say I have learnt a number of new things over the last few days. Some of them even seem to be the things my mistress wanted me to learn. That cannot be said for discovering that if she closes the stair gate at the top of the stairs to stop me going down, I can squeeze through the banister rails and by jumping just a couple of stairs I can still get down. Apparently this is dangerous and I could end up having a serious accident. The good news is that rather than assume that I will take any notice of this ‘little talk’ my mistress has told the master that she thinks the safest thing is that they stop closing the stair gate. So once again victory to the dog! I have also learnt that if I push a door, that doesn’t have a catch with my nose, it will open. This makes it much harder for me to be shut in or out as the case may be. This would be victory to the dog except I have to remember to do it really gently as head butting a door that has a catch can be quite painful, as can head butting the glass doors in the lounge! The one that it seems I was supposed to learn and is working out quite well is that if I want a cuddle I have to ask nicely rather than jump up. I was worried at first that if I just went and sat next to them they might not notice me or wouldn’t know what I wanted but all I have to do is gently tap them with my paw and look all sweet and it works every time. It is great being an irresistible puppy with big brown eyes. I wonder if it will still work when I get older?