Wednesday 26th April 2006

Well I went round to squirrel’s yesterday and she said the best bet was to go and see the police badger. He always seems to know what is going on and what decisions have been made. Having had previous encounters with the police badger I wasn’t all that keen, but I so wanted to know the outcome that I agreed. All he would tell us was that the results of the meeting would be posted on the forest notice board at 11am this morning so we will just have to wait. I will probably go and sit there waiting for them to go up as I have nothing better to do. I realise that I am actually feeling rather nervous. On the one paw if I get the go ahead I have to start getting the work done which is going to be very expensive and very difficult. On the other paw if I get turned down I just don’t know what I will do. The worst would be how on earth I would tell hedgehog.

I don’t get to take my master for a walk nearly as often as I take my mistress. Nor does he seem to be quite as observant. My mistress has told him all about squirrel and the deer and all my other friends but he didn’t seem to believe her. He started telling her he had seen a giant purple worm and I know he isn’t telling the truth because I was there I would know if I’d seen a giant purple worm, well you would wouldn’t you? What I don’t understand is that my mistress simply says things like “That’s nice. Did you dear?  What was it like?” Surely she should be telling him not to make up such ridiculous stories? After all she tells me off when I start fibbing. Anyway whilst we were out on Sunday, I had managed to get them both out and had let them both off the lead by this point, my mistress saw one of my deer friends and pointed it out. My master said it was a tree. Then she moved and my master said it was a moving tree. Well I waved a paw and shouted hello and she turned and waved back before moving a little further away from my master who seemed to have taken to stalking her. It is so embarrassing when your owners show you up in front of your friends. My master still went on talking about the purple worm on our way home but at least he conceded that my mistress may not have been making up all the friends I have.