Saturday 1st April 2006

Well it’s good to be home. It is probably fair to say that no dog or human was ever so happy to be home. I ran round like crazy just checking everything was still there and of course it was, but you can never be too careful. Then I went for a skid on every rug in the house just to make sure I still could and nibbled all the house plants. Then most importantly I peed in my favourite spot. The master and mistress were really pleased to be back but did I see them undertake any of these important rituals? No. In fairness they may have peed in their favourite places but I just wasn’t there to witness it. Home isn’t just the place you put your bed. Home is the place where you know where the dog biscuits are kept and you know which door to sit by when you want to go out. It is the place where the smells are familiar and the plants have nibbled edges. I can only conclude and with much enthusiasm I love my home. Having established the wonders of home I ran off into the forest to see squirrel who was as pleased to see me as I was her. Of course the postcard I sent hasn’t arrived yet at least not with squirrel. I am guessing from the Magpie that called out as I passed ‘Did you like Switzerland?’ and the fact that one of his mates went ‘Shhhh’ that it got as far as the forest but that one of them liked the picture and kept it.

I took the opportunity of how pleased squirrel was to see me to ask if she would come and see Hedgehog with me later today and she agreed. Sometimes these things are all about timing. Squirrel had filled in some of the boxes on the planning application whilst I was away so we can take it with us this afternoon for hedgehog to help with the rest and write a cheque for the submission fee. I wonder if he will write it from his Swiss bank account. I don’t suppose he is allowed an account with the Woodland Bank seeing as he is in prison fro the theft of money from there!

The journey home wasn’t too bad. The mistress did listen and we had more stops at nice places with better opportunities to have a bit of a walk round without heavy lorries scaring the living daylights out of you every two minutes. It was also rather better for not raining on me whilst I ate my lunch. It is miserable sitting in a car when you are dripping wet.  The plan to pick the master up from the airport on route became unnecessary as he decided to travel with us instead. With both of them driving I was glad you don’t get zebra crossings on motorways.