Sunday 5th March 2006

Well diary my excitement knows no bounds. First of all yesterday we went for the most amazing walk at a big park. I saw children riding bicycles with little wheels on the back to stop them falling over. I’m sure I could ride one of those. I really want one. I started asking the mistress if I could have one for my birthday but she said that was a very long time away and I might have changed my mind by then. Then we saw a child on a push along scooter and when I said I wanted one of those my mistress said she already has one and I can try it sometime at home. There were some deer but that wasn’t exciting as I talk to them quite often. It was a bit sad as they seemed to be in a cage whereas the ones I usually meet roam in the forest and go where they like. So I went up and said hello and told them about the ones I see when I’m out walking normally and it turned out that one of them was the cousin of one I met yesterday so he asked me to pass on his best wishes.  The best bit was all the joggers there were to try and chase after and bark at, I was in my element.

This morning has turned out to be just as exciting. Not only has it started snowing so that I might be able to go and build a snowman again later but the master didn’t come down very early. He didn’t yesterday morning either so I didn’t think very much of it. But then as a surprise the mistress carried me upstairs and let me go and say good morning to him. It was all very odd. He was mostly covered by a big blanket with only his head poking out so I went and bounced on him and licked every bit I could get to see. I have never heard the master make noises like that before I think it must mean he liked it, that was certainly how I took it and I carried on bouncing on him and licking him until he sat up. How can the rest of the day possibly compare with that?

My mistress has also been telling me that I will have my own email address soon so that I can send my own emails to my friends. It won’t be quite as good as the excitement of going to the post box and finding one of the letters I bring in is for me but so far that is only a dream anyway. The only things that have arrived that should really have been addressed to me are my passport and a form from the council doing a census on all animals in case of bird flu and both of those were addressed to my mistress and master. It really is hard being an educated dog and not being appreciated as such.