Friday 24th February 2006

I have been watching some of the winter Olympics on television and would like to try my paw at one or two of the sports. What is curling all about? Where is the excitement, the speed the ‘sitting on the edge of your seat’ feeling? No, I think for me I need something with a bit more of a kick to it (though I have long since concluded that football seems a bit of an odd thing to call sport! Now what was that offside rule again?). The bobsled looks really fun as does speed skating, all I need now is a bit of ice to practice on. I don’t think I have quite got the coordination or poise for figure skating, although it might be fun if squirrel agreed to do it with me, at least for the moves where I have to pick her up and swing her round she would be really light. I wondered whether in the absence of ice I could possibly get some roller blades as a starting point. My mistress tried roller blading once but it ended with a hospital visit so I don’t think I had better tell her I am thinking of trying that, at least the vet is only just round the corner if I need him.

I think Charlie the teddy bear has been learning to hypnotise people. I can find no other explanation for it. This morning there I was, minding my own business, when I felt compelled to cuddle up to him and fall asleep. He had just come out of the microwave and I had gone up to him to check he was ok when I was overcome by his lavender smell and how warm he felt and the next thing I knew I was fast asleep dreaming of running through a field of lavender with squirrel. I still think it is the sort of smell that no self-respecting male should go out wearing but Charlie bear doesn’t seem to mind.

With not having gone to my puppy training class this week the mistress has been making me practice at home. Sit and stay are not too bad, but she has been making me practice ‘leave’. When we did it in training she tried it with a dog biscuit. Well what do you expect, I get given a biscuit one minute for being good and the next minute I am supposed to understand that the one being offered to me is not for eating. At home she is trying with something other than dog biscuits, however using the masters sandwiches in this way really is asking for trouble at some point.