Wednesday 15th February 2006

Well what a lovely surprise I did get a Valentines message after all. When I found it I was ‘like a dog with two tails’!

All in all it’s been quite a day. Now all things considered diary after receiving a Valentines Card yesterday, this may sound ungrateful but I think I am in love. I went to see squirrel and she’s gorgeous. She is quite petite with masses of red hair and a very bushy tail. She was so polite and so lovely to me. I told her everything. I explained that I had developed a love of acorns and that when I was out walking I found them and that I didn’t know they belonged to anyone so I ate one. Then the next day I picked a few up and carried them home, and then a few more and well that was how it all happened really. I told her I was really sorry and explained that I had eaten them all, and that they made me feel quite poorly and when I had finished explaining it all squirrel just gave me a little hug and said she thought I was wonderful for being brave and honest and now diary I think I’m in love. I told her I would do anything I could to try and make amends. I said I would save my dog biscuits and take them to her, but she said that squirrels don’t really eat dog biscuits, which I am secretly very pleased about. So I told her that my mistress puts food out for the birds every day and she puts peanuts out and I asked squirrel if she would like to come round to have some peanuts with me and she said that she would like that very much. Oh diary, I am so happy. If only I had known her before Valentine’s Day I could have sent her a card.

As I went for my walk today I saw a plane going overhead and started wondering where it was going. My owner says in a few months I would be able to go on a plane so I have been wondering where I might like to go for my summer holidays. The world is an awfully big place for a little dog and there are so many places I would like to see. I think the Isle of Dogs and Hound Tor sound quite exciting to begin with. I came back and sat by the fire dreaming of being on a plane and being able to press the call button whenever I wanted to and being able to ask the stewardess to bring me another dog biscuit. Just another 7 months until I get my passport finalised.