Wednesday 1st February 2006

Well I have been practising to be a sniffer dog. I reckon I can now sniff an acorn out from a good 50 metres. I haven’t tried with drugs yet. I would probably need to slip over the border into the Netherlands to really give that a good go. In the meantime I can lead the way to any acorns stashed away by rogue squirrels. I love some words in Dutch, the word for squirrel is eekhorn do you think the word for acorn is squirrel?

Alarmingly the pheasant is back and is sitting outside the front door, do you think my owner is taking feeding the birds a bit too far? It looks nice and plump and would be easy pickings for tea, perhaps we could roast it over the log fire. Does it count as poaching if the bird comes to you? Apparently there are deer in the woods behind our house too, so at this rate we won’t go hungry! Perhaps I should have been a gun dog and not a cart dog. If the deer are used to pulling a sleigh do you think they might see me as competition? Now there is a thought for my career! Do you think Santa would employ me alongside Rudolph. I could get some practice in with the local deer to see if I can get up to standard, now all we need is some snow.

We met another lady walking a dog today. It’s very exciting when you are 11 weeks old to meet another dog, so I duly rolled in the dirt to show my appreciation. Then the indignity of it, while my owner was busy talking to the other lady her dog climbed on my back and I wasn’t sure whether I should be shouting out “I’m only 11 weeks old” or “In case it has escaped your notice I’m a boy dog too.” Fortunately the other lady pulled him off. I hope that isn’t what happens every time I meet a new dog! He then showed off by cocking his leg against a tree. I’ll show him I thought. So I tried cocking mine against a twig and fell over. I really must master this balance and co-ordination thing.