Wednesday 27th December 2017 – Great fun

Koppa and Me asking for more tripe

Koppa and I had such fun yesterday. I chased him and chased him. He chased the ball and chased the ball, but I soon realised that if I held back I could then cut him off on his return leg. Oh I laughed and barked. It was wonderful. Then we went back to his place and I got stuck into the bone he’d been given for Christmas and we shared some tripe together. We had to be hosed down and the water was cold, but it was a small price to pay for all the mud we’d run through. I’d like to do it all again today, but we have to go home so I can’t. I don’t mind going home that’s always good too. Mum is taking a few more days off so it will be lovely to not have to sit in the office the whole time. I suspect that she’s going to be suggesting a lot of walks given how much she has been eating over the last few days. You do have to wonder why humans do this to themselves but then I guess I’d gorge myself too if I were given the opportunity.

Me and Mum having a moment

Mum is looking forward to seeing the boys and especially Alfie to make sure he is ok. She really misses him when she has to leave him behind. He finds it hard for a day or so when he comes home from kennels too. I think he’d really rather not have to go anywhere other than home. Mum says she doesn’t really know how many more times she will be able to face putting him in kennels, even for a few days. I guess it will depend if she needs to go away as Alfie doesn’t want to travel with her anymore either.

One job I’ve agreed to help Mum with is sorting out the year planner she has ordered. Life in our household is all getting a bit complicated and is going to take some careful planning if it’s going to work. Thankfully, Mum is quite good at things like that so she’ll be in her element. I just like playing with the pretty coloured stickers that come with the planner pack.

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