Sunday update and Alan

My Mistress is getting too attached to some of the puppies. You already realise that she is particularly fond of little Aristotle, well now both Amigo and Adrienne keep coming to her for a cuddle and she has fallen in love with them both. Then of course Alan is Amigo’s best friend and Annette is the one that Andy is looking after. Arnold is simply adorable and made his impression by taking care of Aristotle and Avril is a lovely little character, strong willed  and always needing to be close to someone else. My Master simply rolls his eyes and says we can’t keep every puppy the girls ever have and that my Mistress needs to be strong. She’s a softy. He should know that by now. The good thing is that as we line up the right homes for each of them and know they are going to people who will love them and take care of them, my Mistress will be happy to send them off to bring as much pleasure to others as we do to her. I guess at the end of the day we will go back to being the three of us and to be honest there isn’t room on the settee for that many more.

Today’s weight gains were more varied. The lowest was Arnold on 20g, but then the rest put on between 50g and 90g. It all means that Amigo is now in the lead at 1330g, while of course little Aristotle is still way behind. “Go Aristotle!” you can do it little one.

Today’s update is Alan. He’s funny. Apart from being Amigo’s best friend he is the funniest when it comes to the bowls of food. He was hogging them rather earlier with his paw in one while he ate from the others. He has sat in them, fallen asleep in them, but mainly he has taken to eating from them and he and Amigo can often be found side by side slurping away. They both put on 80g yesterday, while Annette put on 90g. It is unsurprising that they were the three that ate most puppy food to supplement their milk.