Sunday 9th October 2011 – A much needed lie in

Yesterday the puppies had the privilege of peeing on the millennium editions of a number of newspapers. Now I know what you are going to say, you would have kept those, but if you has seen the pile of papers my Mistress has moved house with several times you would understand why that is not such a bright idea. Newspapers on mass are heavy. She has hurt her back more than once moving the millennium and other important events. She has drawn the line at giving them the papers from the day after 9/11, not because she wants to keep them, but because she doesn’t want to traumatise the puppies.

Anyway, it’s Sunday and we all overslept. It’s one of those days with a lot of things to get done and not enough time to do them and now having been up every two hours in the night, my Mistress has finally given in to sleep which she can’t afford to. I’m not sure which jobs I am being tasked with doing, but I’m hoping it is a nice one like walking Megan rather than cleaning out the puppies. I almost didn’t have time to do a video for you, but here it is. The puppy hogging the food bowls is Alan.