Weigh in Saturday – worrying about Avril

It’s that time of day again. The first problem is that now they are a bit bigger, they aren’t so keen to sit still on the scales. When they wriggle the recorded weight keeps changing. The only option is to lie them on the back to get a reading before they manage to right themselves. What is good is that Avril has broken her tendency to repeatedly head-butt the scales bowl when she is put into it.


We started by putting them in a small basket when we were going to weigh them, but they soon outgrew that. Now we use the largest washing basket, but they are starting to climb out of that. It is going to become even more difficult as they get older.

A basket of puppies

Anyway, as to today’s weights I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Arnold has put on another 64g and is now 986g. Annette who was 4th in size at birth is now second and put on 70g, bringing her up to 926g. Adrienne’s growth has slowed the last couple of days, She did still put on 50g taking her back past Amigo and to 922g. Amigo put on 32g taking him to 914g. That leaves just 3 under the 900g mark now. Alan put on 44g to make him 864g and Aristotle put on 60g and has now made it right up to 716g. The worrying one is Avril, who has actually lost weight since yesterday. When you are that small you can’t afford to lose 6g. It means she and Aristotle are the same weight. We will give her extra time on her own with her Mum and weigh her again later this afternoon to see how she is doing. I’ll let you know.


  1. Wow, they look very sturdy in the basket, Rosemary. So adorable. Takes me back to when I went to see Theo’s litter. I’m sure Avril will catch up soon.

    Hope your hand is better now and you’re not getting exhausted with all these babies to look after.

  2. Oh, the traumas- but they are all looking good 🙂 (takes me back to when they wanted to keep me and my eldest in hospital as she’d lost more than 10% of her birth weight!!) Hope Avril does well today xx

  3. Why don’t you get a fisherman’s weighing thingy and hook? Make a sling type harness and then it wont matter if they wiggly about!

    • I’ve been looking at those. Once the puppies are bigger they are probably good but they are only accurate to 20g, which at an early stage is too much. We have found if you weigh them when they are sleepy it is much easier 🙂

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