Saturday 1st October 2011 – See those little tails go

Well the puppies have been for their first manicure. They all had ther=ir little front claws trimmed so that they didn’t scratch their mum quite so much when they are kneading her for milk. They were as good as gold for the whole outing. I asked if the girls would be having a full nail painting session, but apparently the whole id via nail varnish idea has been abandoned given that my Mistress can tell them all apart anyway.


In our non-puppy related news, my mistress had her cast removed from her arm and now just has to wear a finger-splint for the next four weeks. Then she has to go back to the hospital again. When she was sitting at the hospital all she could thing about was the puppies and how she didn’t want to be away from them very long. She said she could understand how new mums feel when they leave their babies with someone else looking after them for the first time. Sadly, it does mean she will not be able to do her keyboard exam until the spring, as it isn’t possible to play with two fingers splinted together!


One funny thing at the moment is that Shadow needs to be prodded awake at night so that she feeds the puppies. It’s as though she is saying, ‘you do it tonight, I need my sleep.’ Of course, as a result of having to be the one to wake Shadow, my Mistress could definitely use a good night of sleep. She says she wouldn’t miss it for the world, but even so I think she is looking forward to a lie in when it’s all over.

Today’s video is here.