Thursday 29th Weigh In

I love weigh in time. I get myself into position so that I can watch easily and hold my breath while I wait to hear how each little puppy has progressed. Yesterday they were all eating really well and I thought they were going to be huge by this morning.


Overnight, Shadow didn’t have so much milk and I was worrying they wouldn’t have done very well. Shadow is feeling better this morning so has been spending more time in with them. She says she feels ok now, but is struggling to get used to eating the puppy food that she is having and is finding it too rich. Of course she did eat rather a lot yesterday, which may have something to do with it. My Mistress has increased the amount of Shadow’s usual food that she is mixing in to settle her down again, which has been appreciated, not least by my Mistress as Shadow has reduced the amount of smelly wind she is producing!

Back to today’s weights. Arnold put on 70g and is now 878g. Adrienne put on 60g and is now 846g. Amigo put on 68g and is now 818g. Alan put on 70g and is now 804g. Annette put on 62g and is now 796. That now just leaves two that haven’t reached the 750g mark. Avril will get there soon. She put on 64g and now weighs 688g, so at that rate might even pass it tomorrow. Our little baby Aristotle put on the joint lowest amount, but when you weigh so little a 60g increase is impressive and he now weighs 628g, which is brilliant given where he started. I can’t wait to celebrate when he reaches 750.