Thursday 29th September 2011 – Day 11 noisy video!

It was very funny when the man from The Press came yesterday. My Mistress had said to James that he should be in the photo, which he was very happy about. My Mistress had bunched her hair up and not really thought about what she was wearing as it didn’t matter. However, the photographer wanted her to be in the photographs. So there she is, in her old clothes, smiling to camera. In some shots she is with Shadow and in some she is holding either Amigo or little Aristotle. You could have guessed that she wouldn’t leave him out!

Yesterday we seemed to have got into a routine that was keeping everyone happy. The puppies would eat for about half an hour and then sleep for an hour and a half before demanding their next feed. My Mistress was looking forward to a good night of sleep on much the same basis. Sadly, it didn’t work out that way. The puppies seemed to want to eat for about half out of every hour. I am expecting to see some serious weight increases by the time they go on the scales later. The problem is that Shadow has not mastered lying down amongst the puppies when she gets in with them. She sits down and they come swarming round her and then Shadow looks forlornly at my Mistress for help in moving them so she can lie down. It meant my poor Mistress being available for more hours of the night than she had in mind.

Throughout Shadow’s pregnancy she has been rewriting the dog breeding book at every stage. The book says that we can expect her to be eating up to 4 times her usual amount of food. Yesterday, Shadow ploughed her way through something between 6 and 8 times or normal intake. I asked whether if I looked after the puppies for a while it would be ok for me to do that, but it seems it is to do with the milk production and I can’t do that bit.

Today’s video has sound!