20.00 Monday – all is well and a video

The vet bed has made everyone happy. Aristotle finds it easier to get a hold with has back paws. Shadow is happier to lie down. All of the puppies are quieter and relax more, thinking it is their mum. It does confuse them sometimes when they start kneading away at it expecting it to give them milk. So far everyone has declared it a great success and it has solved the short term newspaper crisis. The puppies are looking forward to the arrival of both their Financial Times and International Herald and Tribune copies, if only to give them something else to read when their eyes open in a week or two.

My Mistress has started to look at exactly how the play pen will be set up. I did start doing it for her, but seen ran into the problem that the furniture needs to be moved and I couldn’t do it on my own.

I’ve included a short video (here) that can show you how everyone is progressing. Hopefully after the worry on Aristotle yesterday he seems to have settled better today and has had a bit more confidence eating. Maybe tonight my Mistress can get just a little more sleep.


  1. Yes, it looks far cosier:) In retrospect I’m surprised Shadow tolerated newspaper as appropriate bedding for so long!

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