Sunday 25th September 2011 – Aristotle eats while the others sleep

Who needs to watch the World Cup Rugby when who can watch the cutest rugby scrum in the world, with seven pups with their arms around each other, locked in position scrumming down against their mother to get milk. I’m not really sure Aristotle was designed to play in the front row, but with a sister like Adrienne to support him on one side and his brother Arnold on the other then hopefully there’s no stopping him.

The puppies are visibly making significant progress. Each is developing his or her own doginality. Alan always seems to be late at mealtimes and then screams and screams until he manages to find a place. Aristotle can be found eating long after the others have finished. Some of them ike wrapping themselves round their mum’s paws to sleep, some like sleeping on the top of the others. I wish now that we had video footage of when I was tiny so I could see what me and my siblings were like.

In this morning’s video you can see Aristotle continuing to feed after the others have fallen asleep. He is the one who starts nearest his mum’s head. The little one.