18.00 Saturday A profile of Annette

Andy, who is human rather than dog, asked if he could help look after Annette for the

weeks she is living with us. So we will make Saturdays Annette’s day for progress reports so that Andy is here to help. Annette is named after the lady who brought Shadow’s mother over from Austria so that her litter could be born in England. Without her, Shadow’s litter would not have been possible. She has two of Shadow’s brothers. Freddy and Rocky, they have now moved to Germany. Just to complete the picture Shadow’s other brother, Kai, lives in South Wales.

Anyway, so we called the first born girl Annette. She was born on 19th September at 11.50am weighing 360g. She wasn’t born with any dew claws and her main distinguishing feature from the other girls is a black splodge on her nose. On her first day she only added 2g, so I was a bit worried about her, but she’s been making up for it since then and passed the 500g mark yesterday.

You can find Annette’s birth video here. And I just loved this picture of her being cuddled by Shadow.