Friday 16th September 2011 – Counting down to puppies

Although to her due date Shadow has six days to go, from what the vet has told us, it really could be any time. We started taking her temperature on Wednesday and it is a little lower than normal, but not yet at the point we expect labour to start. My Mistress has been sleeping downstairs with her for the last two nights to get her used to things. I am in charge of sleeping with my Master and Megan is looking after James. It’s James’s 16th birthday today, so he would love the puppies to be born today. As my Mistress has to see the specialist at the hospital about her hand, she is rather hoping that they are not born while she is out! She is leaving my Master in charge while she is out.

I was reading in a magazine about a physicist, called Jason Steffen, coming up with a way to reduce how long it takes to board planes and trains. He correctly surmised that if you board every other row of window seats first and then the ones in between, then repeat the exercise for middle and aisle seats, the whole process is completed faster as people don’t get in each other’s way stowing luggage. It’s a great theory, but I surmise that he is a single man without family, who is used to travelling on his own. If a single adult with two accompanying children want to sit together, they are not going to be happy to have to board separately. Chaos would ensue. I guess there must be a point at which theory has to be merged with reality. Of course, if the physicist is a family man, I think someone should have a quiet word with his wife.

I will start posting updates to my diary when things start to happen. They may just be short ones and all being well some video.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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