Thursday 15th September 2011 – Gang aft agley

I now have Shadow’s cold, which probably means Megan will go down with it next. My Mistress is desperate to get the house clear of infection for the puppies arriving and has threatened that if she has any doubts we will either be confined to a different part of the house or packed off to kennels. Between that and the fact that she may have snapped her tendon and has to see a specialist tomorrow to see if they need to operate on it, things are not going according to plan. In our preparations we thought we had covered most things. The delivery room is all but ready, but as it turns out there were eventualities we hadn’t thought of. It makes you realise why the quote from Burns that ‘the best laid plans of mice and men…’ became so famous. What I have realised as a result of all this is that he didn’t need to pick on Mice, he could equally well have chosen dogs.

It has been fun listening in to my Mistress talking to prospective puppy owners. She is torn between not wanting to appear impertinent and wanting to make sure that Shadow’s babies go to good loving homes. She really wants to be able to meet them and spend some time around them before deciding they are acceptable, but that isn’t always easy when they live a long way away. She has given Shadow her word that she will try to find them the very best of homes with people who will adore them and care for them as she does for us.

What I forgot to tell you is that Megan’s diet and exercise regime has been working a treat. She is down to 24.2kg and is now discussing with my Mistress whether that is enough. My Master said she thinks that is fine, so Megan is asking if she can have a little more food. My Mistress on the other paw is saying she should stay as she is for now.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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