Tuesday 13th September 2011 – we need a little cart

I have been suitably reprimanded by you all for laughing at my Mistress’s misfortune and to be fair she does paint a sorry picture at the moment. She is fed up with everything taking twice as long and other things being completely impossible. She cannot cut her own food and simply hates having to ask someone to do that for her. I said she should take a few days off and stop trying to do so much, but she didn’t like that idea. Today Megan has to go to the vet for her kennel cough update, but they are planning to walk there. It is only a mile away, but Shadow has to go tomorrow for a check up and she has said she’d prefer not to walk as that distance would make her too tired. This is where we really need a little cart that Megan and I could pull and where Shadow could ride in style.

My Mistress has been given a late birthday present. She has been given a packet of sunflower seeds. She is very excited and plans to grow them round the summerhouse, as long as the birds don’t eat them first. I think we should each plant our own and see who’s is the tallest. We could put little labels with our names next to them, so that we know whose is whose. It would be all right until Megan, being the mischievous one, went round and swapped the labels over.

This is day 54 of Shadow’s pregnancy and if she goes to full term, that means we have another 9 days to go. My Mistress now has to learn the art of one handed taking of a dog’s temperature. It’s either that or ask for help and I know which I would recommend!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind alfie@alfiedog.me.uk

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