Thursday 1st September 2011 – this is the month

This is the month. This is when the puppies will be here. If I’m this excited now, how am I going to be closer to the time? I keep running through the list of things I think we need and I think it is almost all in place except the shopping baskets. We don’t have any shopping baskets. I said we should pick a couple up from the supermarket but my Mistress explained that was stealing and we couldn’t do that. She also explained they have tags which set off a high pitched noise or something when you take them away from the store. Of course you may be wondering what we want to do with them in the first place. What friends who have had litters have shown us is how much easier it is to weigh the puppies if you start with them all in one basket and then move them to the other one as you have weighed them. It means you don’t get confused as to which ones you’ve weighed as they squirm around in a little pile. It also means that none of them risks falling off the table, which would never be a good thing. I can’t wait to take lots of photos of the puppies to show you.

We’ve now put the hedgehog house in place with a little bowl of food and a saucer of water. We’ve also put up the squirrel feeder with nuts in it. I helped with the squirrel feeder. I hovered up all the nuts that fell on the floor to keep things tidy. Megan tried to help but made the mistake of choosing a nut still in its shell, so didn’t get very far and then my Mistress took it away from her and gave it back to the squirrels. I’m looking forward to being able to report some progress. Having said that our bird box has been up for a year and no one has moved into that yet. My Mistress is wondering if she has it set to the wrong size of bird as it has a variable size opening.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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