Wednesday 24th August 2011 – Enjoying the harvest

There are pros and cons of living in the countryside. On the one paw, we don’t’ get as many playdates with other dogs, but then with three of us we’ve always got each other to play with anyway and in my experience, other dogs can be overrated anyway. We do get a wider choice of playmates when we go into kennels and I did make some lovely friends on my last visit. However in the countryside you get to enjoy the unfolding seasons in a way that is much harder in a city. You don’t just see them, you get to feel part of them. Yesterday was a case in point. Round here the farmers are working very hard to harvest all the crops. Field by field golden wheat is being taken away leaving only stubble under paw. There is something very satisfying about running across a stubble field and chewing on a stray ear of wheat. It may not be as satisfying as playing hide and seek amongst the growing crops. We run off up the lines that are left between parts of the field and except for the fleck of white on our tails bouncing up and down occasionally, no one can see we are there. It’s all right until the crops get to a certain height and then we get a bit lost and unless my Mistress calls we can’t find where she’s gone. Megan gives up at that point and stays with my Mistress. This photos is Megan enjoying the newly cut field yesterday.

In the meantime, my Mistress has not only started on the insulation of the summerhouse but when she needed a break from that she turned over the compost heap. Some people just don’t know how to put their feet up.

Shadow is not usually that fussed about food. This pregnancy thing is having a very strange effect on her. She will have completely eaten us out of house and home before she has finished. Megan is unimpressed as she is still on a diet and would like nothing more than to get her paws on Shadow’s food. I had to remind her that her diet was actually doing her good and she is now not only thinner but faster, which has to be a good thing. She just groaned as to how long the diet would go on for. I think it is probably time for her to have a weigh in so she can see  just how well she’s doing.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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