Saturday 20th August 2011 – Shadow is pregnant

Great news, Shadow is pregnant. She didn’t enjoy going for her ultrasound yesterday. She isn’t very keen on being prodded by anyone, never mind a vet. My Mistress reassured her that it wasn’t going to hurt and to be fair when she came home and told me about it she had to admit that the worst bit was the clippers tickling her tummy and the gel being cold. She felt quite emotional when she saw the little screen with the sacs containing the puppies. She said it looks as though there are at least four at this stage, but it isn’t that easy to tell. We are all thrilled and none more than my Mistress who spent the day walking round with a beaming grin on her face all day. Shadow is now being spoilt rotten and her every need is being met. To be fair we are all fighting over who is going to do things for her. I think my Mistress, in her excitement, has already told the whole world. Whatever is she going to be like when the puppies arrive?

So much for this being a holiday! I know she said ‘activity holiday’ but the activities I had in mind were snuggling up on the sofa and sleeping. We have batches of blackberry sorbet and cherry sorbet already. And that’s before you even look at the progress on the odd bits of DIY that needed doing. In my Mistress’s words she likes to get all the work done before she sits down to do nothing. The only problem with that approach from my experience is that there is always more work that needs doing. Yes, I know someone needed to paint the lounge ceiling where the water had come through from the shower, but why do it now? I’ll never understand humans.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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