Tuesday 9th August 2011 – Awaiting news

I am on tenterhooks. I am biting my claws and waiting to hear whether my Mistress and Shadow have successfully checked in at Calais. The plan is to make sure they travel during the working hours of the DEFRA helpline just in case there is any query. Even when we used to travel over to England from Belgium on a regular basis my Mistress used to worry that my paperwork wouldn’t be in order or my chip wouldn’t be able to be read. As I lived in Belgium, the worst that could happen was that we would have to go home. From now on she is going to be a very nervous traveller when it comes to checking us dogs in for our journeys. It’s no good reminding her that it is only about 1 in 10,000 chips that ever fail and most of those won’t fail while you are travelling. It’s like most of the things one worries about. The actual worry becomes disproportionate to the likely problem. Today though, she is quite at liberty to worry. We are all worrying. As it turns out, it’s only been 3 ½ weeks since they originally set off for Switzerland, but with everything that has happened in that time it feels an awful lot longer. We are looking forward to life starting to return to normal, if a life that may involve the arrival of a litter of little fluffy bundles can ever be described as normal.

My Mistress has some German language CD’s in the car while she is travelling. She is determined to get to the point where she can speak and understand enough German to communicate effectively while she is in Switzerland next time. I think the real reason is the thought that next time if she is offered a job she might be in a better position to accept it.

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