Monday 8th August 2011 – They are on the way home

This morning Shadow and my Mistress will set off once again for their journey home. They won’t get back to England until tomorrow, so the really nerve racking stage of the journey is tomorrow morning. In the meantime they just have to negotiate the drive to a place called Laon where they will stay this evening.

My Mistress has promised to try to call into the pet shop on her way past to change the collar she bought me, but I don’t know if she will have time. I know it shouldn’t be about me but I did get excited about the prospect of a present. The girls both have beautiful new harnesses and if truth be known I’d quite like one of those but there were only two colours and if we have the same we get into arguments about whose is whose. You only find you have the wrong one when you try to do it up and it pinches before the clasp closes. Then your first thought is good heavens the harness has shrunk and your second thought is, I can’t really have put on that much weight since yesterday and then you finally realise it isn’t your harness.

I suggested we could put some bunting up outside the house ready for their return, but my Master said that until they have actually arrived on English soil it might be tempting fate. I can see his point, but I don’t want to leave everything to the last minute. I know Shadow will be tired when she comes home but I do want her to know just how pleased we all are to see her. I’m never going to complain about her biting me again. Ok, I might complain a little bit, but it’s better than not having her around and she does keep Megan in check which has to be a good thing. I know I should assert myself and be top dog, but I’m just not that kind of bloke. Being dominated by the women in my life isn’t a bad thing. I think it is having a dominant mother and sister that has done it. I learnt my place early on and wouldn’t dream of rising above it.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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