Monday 1st August 2011 – Missing Shadow

Today will be day 12 of Shadow’s pregnancy if it has worked. The days are slipping by and we miss her. Today my Mistress has so many phone calls to make to see if there is any way to sort the whole situation out. It is making me feel quite tired simply looking at the list. She’s asked Megan and I if we can wait quietly during phone calls. The problem is we want to tell everyone that we miss Shadow too and want her home with us. Apparently when ringing members of parliament, Government Departments and other such bodies having dogs barking in the background doesn’t help.

It’s hard to focus on the more mundane things in life when there are big issues taking all of your time, but you might be pleased to know that we have some ripe strawberries and blackberries. Unfortunately there is netting round the strawberries so I can’t actually tell you how good they taste. I’m not bothering with the apples as the trees only went in this year and I don’t think they are really ready for eating. The carnations aren’t bad though, but I don’t think I was supposed to eat those.

My Mistress has promised that as soon as she gets even a little bit of free time she will help me transferring my diary to its new home. Having worked so hard to get it ready it seems a shame to have had to put it on hold. My Mistress has also had to shelve her company’s plans until things are a little straighter so I don’t feel too hard done by. Then I think to myself what Shadow is going through and I can’t help but think I’m being rather selfish even raising my own concerns.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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