Sunday 31st July 2011 – People are lovely

We have had such lovely emails and phone calls from friends offering to help us. Some of them have made my Mistress cry, she is so touched at how wonderful people can be. I am doing my best to provide her with support and lots of cuddles and she is doing the same for me. I think Megan is missing Shadow a lot. They are playmates and partners in crime. When it comes to going for a walk Megan says it really isn’t the same without Shadow to chase. It’s going to be strange when James comes back from his Mum’s and Shadow isn’t here to greet him. Megan and I have discussed what we are going to do and decided that she will offer to sleep in his room at nights, so that he doesn’t miss Shadow too much.

My Mistress is already planning the next trip to see Shadow. She wants to be there when Shadow has her ultrasound examination to confirm her pregnancy. The vet says that is best at 35 days so she wants to be there for then. She did want to go by train but surprisingly it is actually cheaper to drive, even allowing for an overnight stay in a hotel. I asked if she’d like me to go to keep her company but she says that having one of us stuck out there is more than enough for her. If there were two of us, she would just have to stay there. She did get offered a job in the pet shop near where Shadow is staying and was tempted, but couldn’t face being without me. I think it was me she was concerned about, of course it might have been my Master and the rest of the family too.

She has even emailed our member of Parliament to see if she can help. I’ve offered to go to on TV to do an appeal to the public if it would help. I can be very appealing when I try.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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