Friday 8th July 2011 – Megan and Shadow pass silver

I’m very proud to say that both Shadow and Megan have now passed their Kennel Club Silver Good Citizen Scheme. They were all very nervous when they went off to the test, but the girls did brilliantly and both passed with flying colours. They are going to start working on their gold awards now. There is just one small problem. I know that in principal I do not agree with the idea of a dog being subjected to obedience training. I’m more of a free spirit that likes to be able to think for himself. It’s just that I’m starting to feel a little left out and I know I’m already 5 years old, but I’m talking to my Mistress about whether she would consider enrolling me for the bronze class next year. I don’t like the thought that the girls are getting all the accolades while I sit at home twiddling my paws. I know that they don’t have their own book out and don’t write on a daily basis, but their careers are mapped out in developing the breed and that is something I can never do. I just think that maybe I ought to prove I can be just as well behaved as they can. There are things I would need to work on, coming back immediately when called would be one and not begging for food would be another. I’ve agreed with my Mistress that we will spend half an hour in the garden giving me a little test and see how we get on.

On a completely separate subject my Mistress is fed up with online auction sites. All she wanted was a single new carrying strap for her mobile phone. You would think that was fairly simple, but you’d be wrong. I may have told you, one was ok as long as the one you wanted was black, but being my Mistress she wanted purple. In the end she tried buying a pack of ten from a site she’d never used before that turned out not to work very well and wouldn’t complete the transaction. She sent an error message to them, but they didn’t respond. Then she found another site that was selling a hundred straps, 10 each of 10 different colours including purple. Her entrepreneurial skills kicked in and she decided to buy a hundred and sell 99 of them. They arrived and there were 20 each of 4 colours, 18 of colour number 5 and one each of colours 5 and 6. That of course meant there were 3 colours missing altogether. So now she is complaining to them that the batch it was not as described. Meanwhile the first site, despite it being their fault, marked her as a bad payer so she is threatening to sue them for defamation. It’s funny how that has made them sort out the problem when they wouldn’t respond to anything else! I think she was having one her ‘don’t mess with me’ days!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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